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Resources for aspiring singers.

The Singer’s Stance [Infographic]

Correct Posture for Singing

Oftentimes, singers struggle to figure out where the problems lay in their vocal delivery never giving thought to their stance. Make no mistake, you’re singing posture has a lot to do with how well you’ll be able to deliver your vocals.  If you can’t get enough air into your lungs when singing, you’re delivery is going to suffer.

Here’s an excellent infographic from that illustrates the posture points singers need to pay attention to when singing.

The Singer's Stance infographic from

The Singer’s Stance

As you can see, every part of your body has an impact upon you vocals, from your head to your feet.  Give attention to your posture in all these areas and you’ll be giving your voice the foundation it needs to be the best it can be!

Welcome Singer-Songwriters!

Welcome Singer-Songwriters!

We’re so thrilled you’ve found us!  We know there are a million other places on the web where singer-songwriters can spend their time.  So we are honored you chose to spend some time with us!

So…what’s this directory all about?

As the web continues to grow, it becomes more difficult to find the things that are important to us.  We wanted to create a one-stop directory of those resources that are specifically targeted toward helping the aspiring singer-songwriter.

We’ll be bringing you all the best tips and techniques for becoming the best singer, songwriter, and performer.  We believe your dreams to perform in this very competitive arena only prove you were born to perform.  We want to help you become what you’re meant to be.

For starters, we invite you to check out this video featuring a technique that will help you create a connection your audience…

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