Resources for Songwriters

Resources for aspiring songwriters.

Songwriter’s Associations

As a songwriter, you’ll want to be familiar with the various songwriter’s associations out there.  These groups can offer a wide range of help in building your career as a songwriter.

Below, we’ve put together a list of the major ones.  We encourage you to check out all the ones that look relevant to your songwriting interests!

You can also check state by state in the USA (and by Providence in Canada) using the list at:

Contact your area’s songwriter’s association today and see how they might be able to help you advance your career as a professional songwriter!

How to Go From Bad Singer to Good Singer

Many aspiring singers struggle to become the “good singer” they aspire to be.  Sometimes a singer’s voice may have a nice tonal quality, yet notes are song off-key or flat.  The good news is these are “fixable” things.  It just takes a bit of coaching and practice to learn how to eliminate such things from your vocal performance.

In this video, vocal coach Felicia Ricci gives the singer-in-training tips on fixing the rough spots in their vocal delivery…

As demonstrated, with a little practice and dedication, you can greatly improve your singing!